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Climate Food & Farming


As our climate changes, so will our diets. Fix’s Climate Future Cookbook introduces you to foods that show what sustainable, equitable, and resilient eating could look like. Do try this at home.

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August 2032

Each year, as the community gardeners tended their plots, the tree at the edge of the lot grew taller. By its fourth summer, it had started to grow clusters of green, oblong fruit. Was it a mango tree, the kids at garden camp wondered? Surely mangoes couldn’t grow this far north. 

The days grew golden, the nights came sooner, and the fruits grew larger. On the last day of August, one of the garden leaders sniffed among the leaves of the mystery tree, catching the sweet aroma that meant it was time. She gathered everyone around her. 

“This is pawpaw,” she said. “A miracle fruit that looks like mango and tastes like banana. We planted them because they stay happy in warm weather, and we want to be prepared for a changing climate.”

‘I’ve never seen one at the store,” a camper said. 

“That’s right. It’s not something you can buy, at least not now. We’re growing it here so tha... Read more

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