Shift Happens Newsletter

What does the future of transportation look like?

“Imagine Uber and a city bus had a baby.”
By on Jun 27, 2020

‘That’s why we work so hard to change these dynamics’

Thoughts, readings, and actions for the moment.
By on Jun 9, 2020

‘Radically imagining what the future could look like’

With the help of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
By on May 9, 2020

‘The Super Bowl of birding’

Spring springs eternal, even during the time of COVID-19.
By on Apr 11, 2020

In which humanity expresses its humanity

Bringing you words of comfort from a pastor/activist, ways to help out in your community, and ... cute animal pictures.
By on Mar 28, 2020

1,000 reasons not to lose every shred of hope

We scoured the country for people leading the way toward a better future. Here's who we found.
By on Mar 14, 2020

Politics got you down? We can fix that.

Our democracy is a vast, gazillion-tentacled squid thing, but it's full of people who work hard, day in and day out, to hold those in power accountable.
By on Feb 29, 2020