Shift Happens Newsletter

The most powerful tool for fighting climate change

Solar panels? Space mirrors? Hydrogen-powered robot flying taxis? Nope: just your imagination.
By on Oct 8, 2019

Kids are back to schooling us on climate change

Greta Thunberg's not the only kid in charge. Meet the youth behind the upcoming climate strike — and find out how you can chip in, too.
By on Sep 9, 2019

When life hands you lemons, call Rosario Dawson

This week: Rosario Dawson, Boots Riley, a polar bear, and a duo that’s chillin’ their ice cream with space mirrors! (Plus, some boozy lemonade.)
By on Aug 24, 2019

Your neighbors may be cooking up climate solutions

This week on Shift Happens: community-level change that would make Mister Rogers proud.
By on Aug 12, 2019

Nature inspires some of the coolest things

Biodegradable tires! Recyclable shoes! A linden seed-inspired monocopter you can make out of a paperclip!
By on Aug 3, 2019

We obliterated a freeway — imagine what else we could do

This newsletter will help you leave your highway blues in the dust.
By on Jun 15, 2019

Lost in the (sea)weeds on climate? This newsletter will kelp

Shift Happens is your dose of good news about climate change. And this week: kelp-noodle pad thai.
By on Jun 3, 2019

Feeling deflated on climate? This newsletter will get you rolling again

Read about great minds coming together to grapple with climate change — and learn how to fix your flat bike tire, too.
By on May 20, 2019

Introducing ‘Shift Happens,’ a newsletter all about solutions

Grist Founder Chip Giller's new motto: Less freaking out, more figuring out.
By on Apr 29, 2019