Imagine the commute of the future. Instead of slugging down coffee and talk radio as you navigate stop-and-go traffic with the rest of the office drones like you do now, the future will be different: You’ll slug down coffee and talk radio while your car navigates stop-and-go traffic all by itself. What progress!

At least, this is what could happen if driverless cars take over our roads. And it’s a real possibility. From old-school car manufacturers like Ford and GM to new-school tech giants like Apple and Google, huge strides are being made in driverless technology. Experts predict driverless cars could hit the market within a decade with a little help from the U.S. government. As it happens, the Obama administration is proposing a $3.9 billion investment in autonomous vehicles over the next decade. Cool, right?? Who doesn’t want to take a little power nap behind the wheel? And think of the possibilities for drinking and driving!

There could be real environmental benefits as well. Popular Science reporter Dave Gershgorn writes that “if autonomous electric taxis were to replace everyone’s gas-powered, personal cars, we could see more than a 90 percent decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and almost 100 percent decrease in oil consumption from cars, all while saving money in the long run.”