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People at a food-distribution site in Houston following Hurricane Beryl.

Amid the widespread destruction, brutal heat, heavy rains, and ongoing outages along the Gulf coast, relief organizations are scrambling to ensure people stay fed in the wake of Hurricane Beryl. Ever since the storm made landfall in southeastern Texas, causing millions to lose power, local churches and supermarkets have given away meals and soccer stadiums have become grocery distribution points. 

The hurricane, which caused catastrophic damage as it roared across the Caribbean and the Yucatan Peninsula, pummeled southeastern Texas on July 8 before spawning tornadoes, rain, and flooding as far north as Vermont. All told, the earliest Category 5 hurricane ever recorded has claimed the lives of at least 20 people, including 10 in southeast Houston, and caused at least $3.3 billion in damage. That figure is sure to rise in the weeks and months ahead.

So, too, is the hunger crisis.

With Beryl long since past, the biggest threat facing Texans — particularly the almost 300,000 of them still without power on Monday — is... Read more

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