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Grist Fellowship Program

Want to grow as a journalist while absorbing a universe of green knowledge? Apply for the Grist Fellowship Program.

The Grist Fellowship Program is a paid opportunity to hone your skills at a national news outlet and deepen your understanding of environmental issues. We’re looking for early-career journalists with a variety of skills, from traditional reporting to multimedia whizbangery. We will offer exposure to the leading sustainability thinkers and innovators of our time, real-world experience at a fast-paced news site, and the occasional homemade croissant. Fellows have gone on to land jobs at Mother Jones, The New York Times, Wirecutter, Pacific Standard, Oceana, Greentech Media, The Stranger, and (of course) Grist.

Grist is an independent nonprofit media organization that shapes the country’s environmental conversations. For us, reporting on the planet isn’t about hugging trees or hiking — it’s about using humor and straight talk to connect big issues like climate change to real people and how they live, work, and play.

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