Worm bins

Worm bin.Photo courtesy jarsyl via Flickr

Worm bins are a great way to compost in the city. Bins are simple to make and fit easily in a small apartment. You’ll want to keep your bin inside as worms are sensitive to extreme temperatures. So long as bins are properly taken care of — adding only as much food than the worms can easily eat, cutting up or shredding food into small pieces, and keeping a good mix of brown and green matter, there’s no reason to fear smells. 

What worms will happily devour:

  • Breads, grains, and cereals
  • Tea bags, coffee grounds, and filters
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

What they turn up their wormy noses at:

  • Dairy products (This is more a matter of your nose. Only creatures who like the smell of rotten milk will be swarming the bin.)
  • Fatty or oily food (Same)
  • Meat (Ditto)
  • Feces (No, not even pets’ or babies’ — they’re worms, not idiots)

How to start one: