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A new blog by pigeons gives a bird’s eye view of air quality

A recent article announced a new milestone in the blogging world -- the very first blog by pigeons. A team at University of California Irvine is gathering data on smog particles in the atmosphere using …

The Beak Shall Inherit the Earth

Sixteen bird species saved from extinction Sixteen bird species that nearly went extinct in the mid-1990s were saved by international cooperation and concerted conservation efforts, according to a study published in the journal Oryx by …

Growing a stabilization wedge: lessons from green buildings

Can we compare growth in the green building and green transportation sectors?

I've just been reading those Scientific American articles on energy and climate change. After rereading the stabilization wedges article (PDF) I began to think, "How likely is it that any particular wedges will take off?" …

Vonnegut doesn't mince words

A snippet from Rolling Stone’s recent piece on Kurt Vonnegut.

Rolling Stone's recent piece on Kurt Vonnegut begins this way:

The Yes Men in New Orleans

Brilliant! (via TPM Muckraker)

TerraPass partners with Expedia

Will this help break the offsets market out of its niche status?

In a matter of moments, carbon-offset outfit TerraPass will be announcing a partnership with Expedia, the online travel site. The deal is, when folks book their flights through Expedia, they'll have a chance during the …


Obviously, my (interminable) series on fear and environmentalism raises more questions than it answers. It's woefully schematic. There's much more to be said. I hope, if nothing else, this will prompt people to start talking …

Fear and environmentalism: semi-conclusion

Reason. Compassion. Forbearance. Selflessness. These are not the hallmarks or our time.

(Fifth in a series; first part here, second part here, third part here, fourth part here.) Reason. Compassion. Forbearance. Selflessness. These are not the hallmarks or our time. We live in an ascendant cycle of …

Further clarifications on property rights and free markets

Jason D. Scorse tries to clear up the confusion

There is a lot of confusion over the meaning of free markets and property rights, for a variety of reasons. The following are some additional clarifications for all interested environmentalists (please see earlier posts for …