The 3C Initiative

Big biz gets in line

Eighteen major corporations, including power companies and companies that manufacture power-generation equipment, come together to call for a concerted global plan to fight climate change, built around the following nine principles: A switch-over to a low-emitting economy is a necessity …

Dirty hippie bashing: A case study in six chapters

Listen and learn how the game is played

We’re constantly told that any slip of the tongue or exaggeration on climate science can destroy our credibility. If we ally ourselves with respected scientists like Kerry Emanuel and Tom Wigley who believe there is a strong connection between hurricanes …

Why I love psychology

It gets at what matters

A looong time ago I posted on bringing better psychology research into the climate debate. Others have also posted occasionally about the psychological dimensions of environmental issues (here and here and here). In the last few days there were a …

Mallaby Brown tries to kick the football one more time

Centrist pundits never tire of getting duped by this administration

Despite occasional flashes of insight, Washington Post columnist Sebastian Mallaby is by and large a typical left-leaning beltway pundit, meaning you can reliably expect one of two thoughts from him: "both sides suck and I’m smarter than either" or "I’m …

Brace yourself for the geoengineering hype

It’s a’comin’

There’s a big, big debate brewing about "geoengineering" — messing deliberately with the earth’s climate to tweak it to our liking. This article in The Economist is a decent primer. You can already see the shape of the debate emerging, …

Stern replies to critics

And there are many

Sir Nicholas Stern of Stern Report fame has a short reply to his critics (PDF) on the UK Treasury Dept. website. If you’d rather not read the whole thing, Eli Rabett has excerpts and commentary over on his blog.

Whole Enterprise

Bits from an interview with Whole Foods co-president

Bonnie Powell, aka "DairyQueen" over at Ethicurean, has posted snippets from an in-depth interview with Walter Robb, co-president of Whole Foods. Here's a couple of bites from the full interview. On media:

Wither the magic bullets? Planting trees can cause warming too.


Ken Calderia, of the Carenegie Instition's Department of Global Ecology has an op-ed in the NYT today, in which he cautions against willy-nilly tree-planting projects for carbon sequestration:

'Tis the Season (for a better-late-than-never 2006 wrap-up)

Food stuff this year

I busted my butt to get this in before too much of 2007 passed (I submitted it in the wee hours of 1/2/07), but it turns out I forgot to hit the all-important little button that says "post." Isn't there …