Global-warming glamour shots

Imagine you're a pro photographer with an unlimited travel budget and your editor says he needs some pics for a story on global warming. Sure thing, you say. Just tell me the intersection and what time to show up. Well .... huh. Where do you go? Who do you look for? What's the most arresting and memorable way to depict an event that's both global and gradual? Photographer Gary Braasch has the enviable job of trying to figure it out. His advice: People connect with images of large animals (ah, that explains the ubiquitious polar bears) and with photos that show humans already at risk. Don't hate him because his work is beautiful. Braasch spoke today in Washington at the Center for American Progress.


Triumph the Insult Comic Dog interviews four Republican Senators on the subject of global warming. Seriously.

The Wheel Deal: Wall Street Journal edition

What’s the WSJ got to say?

As The Other Sarah mentioned a couple of days ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a story about a time in the oh-so-near future when there will be a billion cars on the road. The article fronted an Automotive section with a variety of eco-themed articles. And since you can't read any of them online without a subscription, I thought I'd give a rundown of what the eminent WSJ has to say about all this car stuff. And I'll provide you with links to the stories anyway, so subscribers have easy access to what they've already read, and non-subscribers can grind their teeth in frustration at being excluded from the elite club. That's the kind of service we provide here at the Wheel Deal.

Do as we say …

This piece on Bush's meeting with Chinese President Hu is positively surreal. The gist is, the U.S. is upset because China is: striking oil deals with unsavory regimes (Sudan, Burma, Iran); attempting to increase its geopolitical influence; growing quickly and polluting heavily. Sound like anybody else you know? Presumably Bush isn't going to say flat out, "we don't want any competition." But what else does it mean? Update [2006-4-20 15:59:42 by David Roberts]: I should also note that The Grey Lady has a blistering editorial on this very subject.

AOL celebrates Earth Day

AOL is celebrating Earth Day with a special website that features 11 ways to "save the planet & your wallet" (ubiquitously sponsored by GM's "Live Green, Go Yellow" campaign). Topics include: driving, wear, home, yard, appliances, careers, investing, travel, eating, partying, and kids. Several of the categories are accompanied by 30-second video clips featuring Peter Horton, Bradley Whitford and, of course, Laurie David (she's everywhere!). And for all you AOL instant messenger users, Earth Day buddy icons! And they even list Gristmill under their green blogs recommendations. Gee, thanks AOL!

It’s All in the List

The First Ever List of Grist Superlatives is now live. Who's the hottest eco-model? The mustachiest geo-green? What's the kinkiest eco-innovation? The most self-defeating anti-Kyoto argument? Check out our picks, then tell us what we botched, missed, or totally nailed.

Chip in the news

Still more laudatory press coverage for our Maximum Leader, this time in the form of a story from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), in which Chip participated lo many years ago. It's a great story, but if I can raise the question on everyone's mind: Why must every story about Chip feature him standing on his head? What's up with that?

We’re So Vain, We Think This Party’s About Us

A dispatch from the launch party for Vanity Fair‘s green issue In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty dang excited that our own Chip Giller made the glossy green pages of the latest issue of …

It’s All in the List

Our list of environmental goodies, oddities, and inanities We thought about being earnest this Earth Day — compiling some sort of inspiring list of in-the-trenches eco-heroes who need recognition and encouragement — but then we …