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On the other hand, this is funny:

Killing wildlife to save it?

Controversy in Kenya

A major controversy is brewing in Kenya right now about whether to remove the ban on wildlife hunting in order to raise money for conservation. Poaching has been devastating Kenyan wildlife; the logic is that since big-game hunters will pay …

Thought for Food

Earth Dinners keep cuisine and conversation flowing Lots of holidays have a nice big meal associated with them, but not Earth Day. Because environmentalism is all about sacrifice and denial of pleasure, right? No, silly, it’s just because you never …

Photos and voices from Step It Up 2007 rallies across the U.S.

On April 14, 2007, gaggles of enthusiastic Americans gathered at more than 1,400 spots around the U.S. to demand action against climate change, part of a coordinated Step It Up campaign launched by author Bill McKibben. At all the rallies, …


Energy use might have actually increased with daylight savings push up

This just in: Pushing daylight savings time up a few weeks might have not only not saved us any energy, we might have actually used more. According to a study released this week by a Canadian energy analyst, while overall …

A Cult Oriented

An interview with Craig Minowa of green-leaning band Cloud Cult Cloud Cult is a quirky indie band that tours in a biodiesel bus with solar panels on the roof. They record and produce music on singer Craig Minowa’s organic farm, …

Kerry on Colbert


John Kerry on the Colbert Report: Surprisingly funny!

Buzz Light Year

Could cell phones be the culprit in honeybee disappearance? Apiarists in the U.S. and Europe have been scratching their heads for months over rapidly waning honeybee populations. Now some scientists who have combed through the data are all abuzz with …

Grist podcast

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