The Prius Bubble

Via Pat, check out Slate's Daniel Gross on "The Prius Bubble" -- the coming boom (and bust?) of alternative energy stocks.

Totally unrelated

Could the mess in the Middle East have anything to do with oil? Nooo.

Cali green

Looks like the green focus of Arnold's campaign is paying off. More from Carl Pope.

NPS director resigns

In case you hadn't heard: National Park Service Director Fran Mainella has resigned. Why? More time with her family, of course! High-priced lobbying job in five ... four ... three ... two ...

Your evening sunshine

This has me smiling: a California family that grows three tons of organic food a year -- on 1/10 of an acre. I'm sharing this because a) what can I say, I think it's nifty, …

More on Whole Foods

Though much of it sounds oddly familiar, it's nonetheless worth checking out Carol Ness' long piece on Whole Foods' new initiatives.

Oh, stop! (no, don’t)

... on Grist (Just typing the name makes my heart flutter. Oh Grist, I love you.) ... That, friends, is the kind of sucking up that gets you a link!

‘Eco-terrorism’: Even the liberal Stranger …

Here in Seattle we have an alternative weekly called The Stranger, with a clever feature called I, Anonymous, wherein some unnamed someone lambastes some unnamed someone else over ... something. Viciously. It's short and amusing. …

Canadian Dimension on peak oil

The latest issue of a progressive magazine called Canadian Dimension is devoted to peak oil, and there's some good stuff in it (only some of which is available online). In particular, check out the article …