Owening Up to Their Mistakes

California’s Owens River runs again after nearly a century The most ambitious river habitat restoration in the West kicked off this week, as Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa turned a knob on a dam and …

Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Science

U.S. EPA shifts pollutant-review process, mixing policy with science The U.S. EPA continues to suck Big Oil’s dipstick: Yesterday, the agency announced that its air-pollutant reviews, formerly conducted solely by staff scientists, will now incorporate …


This passage from Amanda's interview with Richard Branson really resonates with me:

How Gore can win

Follicularly, that is

Whether or not he wins the Oscar, Al Gore can take some small measure of pride in having the thirteenth best-selling book at this year. If he'd cultivated a righteous 'stache, he could have …

Chew on this organic commentary

Reflections on the state of organic from an old pro

Bob Scowcroft, executive director of the Organic Farming Research Foundation and a longtime presence in the world of California -- and national -- organic farming, published a provocative essay recently on where organic came from …

Clown show denouement

Inhofe rides out of town with a final blast of dumbness

Departing Senate Environment Committee chair Sen. James Inhofe -- who's gone from sinister to pathetic with dizzying speed -- held one final hearing on global warming and the media the other day. Yawn.

Plumb Crazy

U.S. EPA considers delisting lead as an air pollutant That sound you hear? It’s jaws dropping everywhere in response to the U.S. EPA’s announcement that it might stop regulating lead as an air pollutant. Citing …

More subsidies needed to compete with subsidized subsidizations

The ethanol game

Here is an article I found in the Renewable Energy Access bulletin asking for further government subsidization of cellulosic ethanol so it can compete with other subsidized biofuels. It gave me an idea. I looked …

We're doomed!

The enduring attraction of apocalyptic predictions

I'm sure I'll eventually forgive Toby Hemenway at Energy Bulletin for writing -- before I did, and better than I could have -- a cogent and eloquent analysis of the apocalyptic bent of those concerned …