The Gospel According to Nuke

Britain’s new energy policy calls for more nukes as well as renewables Surprising no one, the British government yesterday unveiled a pro-nuclear energy policy. Trade and Industry Secretary Alistair Darling defensively told Parliament that the …

Happy ending for courtroom drama

New safeguards created to protect whales

Following up on my previous post, the legal battle between the Navy and the environmental community has come to a close (at least for now). Last Friday, a settlement was reached ensuring that measures will …


God, this drives me craaazy. So, Long Island. Known for beautiful, sweeping scenic vistas, right? Oh, no, sorry, that's the Rocky Mountains. Long Island is a grimy industrial smear with some dirty beaches. The Long …

Happy World Population Day

World population as of this post: 6,527,742,659. And rising quickly.


One of the things that got left out of my recent interview with the water experts was a question about desalination. A reader just emailed to ask about it, so I thought I'd share:

Ignoring the feast, obsessed with the ramen

Via TH: GE has collaborated on a report concluding that America could meet its entire electrical demand through offshore wind power alone. This may not be an altruistic gamble (hi Dave!), but I'll sure take …

Now that’s a flex-fuel

Classic: An Iowa judge has denied unemployment benefits to a man who claimed discrimination after being fired from an ethanol plant for drinking "automobile fuel" produced by the company. (via OD)

Inhofe media critic turns attention to TV

Sweet Jeebus, he's at it again. Yesterday I mentioned that Tom Brokaw is hosting the Discovery Channel's special, "Global Warming: What You Need to Know." This has enraged the hack factory that is the Senate …

Newsweek greens

Newsweek -- no doubt still irritated about getting burned by Time on the green front -- devotes its cover this week to the "greening of America." Most of the cover story is a recitation of …