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Can you say misguided?

NYT today reports on the rise? emergence? rediscovery? of geoengineering options to combat global warming. For me this stuff falls into the category of bad adaptation strategies; wait until we're really SOL and then spend gobs of money on big techy solutions that may not work, but look cool. There's plenty more critique to be had in the article itself.

Kerry energy speech

Here's the big news from John Kerry's energy speech today:I propose establishing an aggressive economy wide cap and trade program to reverse emissions growth starting in 2010. After that, we will progress to more rapid reductions and end at 65 percent below 2000 emissions by the year 2050. That's by far the most aggressive proposal for reducing CO2 emissions I've heard from any major politician. More on the speech later. (You can listen to an mp3 of the speech here.)

Schadenfreude alert

Rush Limbaugh was busted on his way back from the Dominican Republic with unprescribed Viagra.


Earth's Climate Warming Abruptly, Scientist Says: The warming around Earth's tropical belt is a signal suggesting that the "climate system has exceeded a critical threshold," which has sent tropical-zone glaciers in full retreat and will melt them completely "in the near future," said Lonnie G. Thompson, a scientist who for 23 years has been taking core samples from the ancient ice of glaciers. Thompson, writing with eight other researchers in an article published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said the ice samples show that the climate can and did cool quickly, and that a similarly abrupt warming change started about 50 years ago. Humans may not have the luxury of adapting to slow changes, he suggests.

Berry, berry, quite contrary

I walked into my local grocery store over the weekend and was faced with the very dilemma -- organic or local? -- some of my colleagues have been wrestling with for a while. On one table: fresh local strawberries, grown conventionally (i.e., with pesticides and artificial fertilizers). On an adjacent table: organic strawberries shipped all the way from California. I looked, but couldn't find any that were both local and organic. The question: which to buy?

More reasons to hate sprawl

It makes you lonely and, if you're not careful, a xenophobic jerk.

Lindzen: dishonest; News anchors: stupid

Update [2006-6-26 15:10:1 by David Roberts]: Tim Lambert has more debunking here. I'm not really sure if stuff like this is worth mentioning any more, but climate dead-ender Richard Lindzen had an insipid op-ed in The Wall Street Journal this weekend titled "There Is No 'Consensus' On Global Warming." It's sprinkled with all the bogus factoids typically deployed in these ventures. The only substantive argument for the headline is this: