Jeffer madness

Jeff Sessions has deep ties to a big electric utility, and that could create major conflicts of interest.

Southern Co. is the senator’s largest corporate campaign donor, and it could benefit from a powerful friend in the Justice Department.

preemptive attack

How Trump and Congress might undermine climate action in states

Progressive states and cities are bracing for federal restrictions.


As ski season gets shorter, resorts build summer attractions

Climate change threatens their bottom line.

He reminded me with Science

While Trump tweets out insults, Obama publishes an article about clean energy in a scientific journal.

The president outlines four reasons that “the trend toward clean energy is irreversible.”


Obama is making another move to block offshore drilling.

The administration has rejected oil companies' applications to use seismic cannons to search for oil under the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

ghost reefs

Nearly all coral reefs will be ruined by climate change.

Coral reefs -- and the economies that depend on them -- are in big trouble.

deja vu all over again

Surprise! Looks like 2016 is going to be the hottest year in history.

By a lot.

looking back

How Obama transformed clean energy in the West

The region's energy development revolution may prove hard for Trump to stamp out.

can't make this stuff up

The Kochs launch campaign to convince black people that dirty fuel is good for them.

Fueling U.S. Forward has a message to spread about the majesty of oil and gas.