Deep sea dumpster diver

20,000 leagues under the sea, we’ve made a mess

Industrial chemicals can now be found at the very bottom of the ocean.

Game of Drones

Could delivery drones cut down China’s emissions?

Drone deliveries are becoming more likely in China, which could mean less air pollution.

The Chemical Bothers

Republicans in Congress passed a law giving EPA more power

Now the agency can start to regulate some 64,000 chemicals that are already in use.

Ice ice baby grand

Piano performance next to a crumbling glacier will give you chills

Greenpeace’s latest stunt involves a pianist playing a haunting song in the Arctic.

Fleecing the fish

Don’t look now but you’re shedding plastic

At least, your microfiber fleece is.

Just Chill

Today’s headlines, brought to you from the future

The extreme heatwave in the Southwest is just the beginning.

Snakes on a plane

People don’t trust hypocritical climate scientists, study finds

Scientists seem less credible if they fly a lot or have large, gas-guzzling houses.

Jerkstorm alert

The weather is throwing thunderstorm tantrums

Yet another reason that coal dust is not your friend.

Something's afoot

These tiles harness electricity from your footsteps

Is footstep power the new solar power?