Ask Umbra: I can’t get off the floor. What do I do?

A suspiciously familiar reader needs help with a serious case of civic withdrawal.

no wild left behind

Artist shows what climate change will do to our national parks

It’s not pretty.

Just what we needed

The New York Times just hired a climate denier.

Its newest op-ed columnist once described climate change and campus rape as “imaginary enemies.”

Am I right or am I right?

Young Republicans want to rescue us from climate denial.

College-age conservatives are getting ready to change their party.

all rights reserved

Indigenous peoples can manage their forests better than anyone else

Conservation doesn’t have to undermine social justice.

really windy city

Chicago wants to dominate in renewable energy.

In eight years, the city plans to power its public buildings with 100 percent clean energy.

that's a fact

March for Science organizers say April 22 is just the beginning

They plan on kickstarting a global movement.

case of the missing carbon

A crucial climate mystery is just under our feet

What if we could turn farms into giant greenhouse gas sponges?

coral exam

The Great Barrier Reef has been brutally bleached for the second year in a row.

This is the first time the world's most famous coral reef has been hit by major bleaching events in such rapid succession.