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Pretty, Complicated

This video teaches you how to make affordable beauty products in your kitchen

It's time to make your beauty routine a little lighter on the Earth, your body, and your bank account.

Pretty, Complicated

This video explains how those plastic bits in face washes, scrubs, and toothpastes can hurt ecosystems

Here's everything you need to know about microbeads.

Pretty, Complicated

This infographic shows what could happen when the nasty stuff in your bathroom products washes down the drain

Triclosan, an antibacterial agent, could be mucking up our ecosystems.

Pretty, Complicated

Green AND lovely? Watch us share our favorite beauty secrets

"I don't shower regularly" and more beauty tips from Grist staffers in this embarrassing video.

Pretty, Complicated

Is air pollution making my skin worse? And more pressing beauty questions

Should it be so hard to figure out if our beauty products are effective and safe -- for both our bodies and the environments we live in?

Carolyn Box
The Activist

How much plastic is in our oceans? Ask the woman trying to clean it up

Carolynn Box, environmental program director of 5 Gyres, talks about what it's like to sail across the ocean, pulling up plastic in the middle of nowhere.

An employee operates a bulldozer while destroying illegally imported food falling under restrictions in Belgorod region, Russia, August 6, 2015

Putin bulldozes tons of perfectly good (and illegal) cheese

The Russian president shows distaste for illegal imports, despite hard times for hungry Russians. Meanwhile, folks are probably wondering what's in Mr. Putin's fridge.

Old bananas

Instead of composting old fruit, these students want to powder it

Fopo Powders pulverizes expired food into produce powders, which are like the nutritious distant relatives of PixyStix.

Starbucks pastry

Starbucks food: May contain deforestation palm oil

Activists are demanding Starbucks take meaningful action on its palm oil policies.