Andrea Buffa

Andrea Buffa joined Apollo Alliance in July 2009 after working for two years at the University of California, Berkeley, Center for Labor Research and Education, where she studied the impact of climate change policies on jobs and workers.

Harvesting personal energy to create Ohio’s clean energy future

When it comes to renewable energy, we hear plenty about the latest developments in solar and wind. But what about the latest developments in kinetic energy?

Transportation bill could produce environmental and job benefits in 2010

As advocates for clean energy and good jobs evaluate opportunities to advance their issues in 2010 — from a jobs bill that could include energy efficiency measures to a federal clean energy and climate bill — there is another oft-overlooked …

Weatherizing Portland

Clean Energy Works Portland is a groundbreaking new program that enables Portland residents to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and pay for the improvements over time through their utility bills. A contractor performing a blower door test to …