Bonnie Azab Powell

Bonnie Azab Powell was Grist's food editor until February 2011. A dot-com-bubble rider turned university refugee, Bonnie co-founded one of the first "food-politics" blogs, The Ethicurean, in May 2006 -- also coining that term to describe someone interested in sustainable, organic, local, and ethical (SOLE) food that also happens to be tasty.

Obsessed with our broken food system, she switched from writing freelance business and technology articles to SOLE food. Her work has appeared in a bunch of places printed on dead trees. She lives in the Bay Area, where she gardens half-assedly and cooks wholeheartedly while running two meat CSAs for small local farms. She loathes the word "foodie."

Agribiz BFF Bill Northey defeats reformer Francis Thicke for Iowa ag secretary

It's agribusiness as usual in Iowa, where voters sent a message to Washington that the status quo is just fine with them.

Wanted: Your informed opinions on the food-safety reform bill

We've invited a kitchenful of food-policy experts to discuss whether the Food Safety Modernization Act will make eaters safer without shoving small producers off a cliff. Wanna pull up a chair and chew over the issues?

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This Halloween, Chipotle is inviting you to scare them -- for a very good cause. The chain is raising money for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution campaign. All you have to do is dress up as an edible foodlike substance and …

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New tool maps and grades 'food deserts' to lure supermarkets

The Reinvestment Fund's PolicyMap layers several types of demographic data to reveal which areas really lack access to food.

A buzzworthy new documentary

What's killing all the bees? Colony -- No Bees. No Honey. No Work. No Money. goes deep into the buzzing hive of the anxious beekeepers themselves to find out what they'll do if no one finds out the answer.

We agree: Oil companies should support Victory Gardens

A 1944 ad by the oil behemoth's old incarnation, Standard Oil of California, exhorts Americans to grow their own food -- and buy fertilizer to do so.

Stephen Colbert on the raw-milk raids and our 'right to get dysentery'

What Tea Partiers and hippie-foods Californian co-op members have in common, according to Stephen Colbert.

Harnessing mushrooms to replace plastic [VIDEO]

In this TED talk, product designer Eben Bayer describes a low-energy, fully compostable packaging assembled by a fungus from agricultural waste.