Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson is the political director of Climate Hawks Vote.

Perry reveals plan for total anarchy: 'a moratorium on regulations'

The Texas governor and presidential candidate says regulations kill jobs. He forgets that they also save lives, and save the U.S. from descending into complete lawlessness.

Rick Perry thinks Texas climate scientists are in a ‘secular carbon cult’

The Texas governor still refuses to drink the climate science Kool-Aid, no matter how many Texas scientists try to make him see the light (and feel the heat).

Super Congress stacked with climate zombies

Most of the Republicans named to the Super Congress committee are proud torchbearers of global warming denial.

How cities can get carbon down to zero

Seattle looks at an ambitious scenario involving changes in travel modes, more energy-efficient buildings, and shifts to alternative energy sources.

Companies claim concern for climate, but sponsor ALEC

By sponsoring the American Legislative Exchange Council, many corporations violate their own greenwashed official policies on climate change.

BP funds push for more offshore drilling in oil-soaked Louisiana

A little more than a year after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP is funding a right-wing lobbying group that opposes regulation of offshore drilling.

Storm chaser: Sen. Durbin carries on lonely fight against climate change

While Obama lifts the "cloud of uncertainty" over the economy, Dick Durbin looks like one of the only lawmakers still worried about the real weather.

Climate scientists blow gaping hole in 'NASA data' paper

The paper, full of shoddy science, got attention from a right-wing blogger on Forbes, but climatologists say it's bunk.

Tea Party will protect humans from manatees

Rep. Rich Nugent (R-Fla.) proposes an amendment to the Interior and Environment appropriations bill that blocks the creation of a manatee refuge.