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Brendan DeMelle is the executive director and managing editor of He has served as research associate for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, researcher for Laurie David, analyst at Environmental Working Group, and more. Follow his Twitter feed at @bdemelle.


Crony island: an anatomy of Keystone XL corruption

Is Hillary Clinton too conflicted by lobbyist ties to make a decision on Keystone XL? Take a look at this infographic and decide for yourself.

Koch Industries Shields CEO From College Student's Modest Debate Challenge on Prop 23

  I traveled to Koch Industries headquarters in Wichita earlier this week where Joel Francis, the Cal State-Los Angeles senior and Marine Corps veteran, formally delivered his letter challenging CEO Charles Koch to a public debate about his funding of Prop 23. After receiving no response from Koch following the video posting of his challenge last week, Joel and a group of California students traveled from Los Angeles with Powervote CA campaign director Gabe Elsner to try to meet Koch in person.   Faced with an outrageously polite and reasonable invitation to debate a single college student, Koch HQ prepared …

spiking tea with koch

Koch brothers' Tea Party connections confirmed [VIDEO]

The billionaire Koch brothers claim they are not connected to the Tea Party. But a new video shows David Koch at an Americans For Prosperity gala.

He’s a Maine-iac, Maniac at your door

Maine: Guv candidate Paul LePage hates Obama, reporters, and the planet

Paul LePage, the TeaOP candidate for governor in Maine, has a loony climate-denying, DEP-bashing, offshore-oil-dr … spilling platform.

Toxic Coal Ash Threatens At Least 137 Sites In 34 States

  A new study by three top environmental groups reveals another 39 coal ash threats in 21 states, bringing the total number of known coal ash threats to 137 in 34 states.   The report by the Environmental Integrity Project, Earthjustice, and the Sierra Club details the newly identified slurry ponds and impoundments filled with toxic coal ash that threaten drinking water supplies and public health at sites around the country.   Earlier this year the groups identified 31 coal ash disposal sites in 14 states, adding to the 67 sites already identified by the Environmental Protection Agency.  The latest report brings the …

Clean Up The Gulf For Only $19.95!

ScamWow! Greenpeace has the perfect solution for scrubbing BP’s oily image

Mocking the scam that is the BP cleanup, Greenpeace today released the “ScamWow!” infomercial targeting BP and other oil companies who need a quick solution whenever pesky ecological devastation results from their irresponsible, risky drilling practices. Spoofing the original late night cable sensation, the ScamWow! info-mock-cial demonstrates how the simple budget picker-upper’s cleaning powers can instantly sanitize tar-balled beaches, scrub the oil company’s public image, and save shareholders millions in onerous cleanup costs — savings the company can then invest in more insulting “We will make this right” TV commercials and full-page ads. Watch the Greenpeace “ScamWow!” video: The scary …

‘Climategate’ scientists cleared of all charges by independent review

An exhaustive six-month independent review into the Climategate emails has concluded that the “rigor and honesty” of the climate scientists caught up in the non-scandal are “not in doubt.” [PDF] The investigation, led by Sir Muir Russell, found no grand conspiracy among scientists brainwashed by the U.N. IPCC and Al Gore to dominate the planet by dreaming up man-made global warming, as the right wing media and blogosphere insisted in the wake of the Climategate nontroversy that followed the theft of emails and documents from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) late last year. The report confirms …

60 Percent of U.S. Tidal Marshes Threatened By BP Oil Slick

New data released by NOAA shows that the massive BP oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is already contaminating one major protected North American Marine Ecoregion, containing more than 60 percent of America’s tidal marshes. The slick also threatens to impact at least two more Ecoregions in the near future. The site of the initial explosion beneath the Transocean Deepwater Horizon oil rig leased by BP is within the boundaries of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Ecoregion, an area described by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation as a marine protected area that: “… contains over 60 percent of the …

'BLUE PLANET' Sends Timely Message to Protect Oceans [VIDEO]

A new music video from Barcelona-based musician Sam Lardner spreads a timely message about the importance for all people to work together to save our oceans.  With footage of the BP Deepwater disaster in the Gulf of Mexico contrasted by majestic images of beaches and marine life from around the world, the video is an eye-opening look at the perils and pleasures found in the blue depths of our oceans, which cover 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. Watch “Blue Planet”: “Blue Planet” is the first video released from Sam Lardner’s new “Oceans Are Talking” CD. Featuring groups of children …

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