Brian Kahn

Brian Kahn is the communications coordinator at the International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI). You can continue the conversation with him on Twitter. His views and opinions do not represent an official position of IRI.

scrub a dub dub

Climate leadership was scrubbed from the State Department website

This signals the U.S. will play a more passive role in international climate actions.

sky's the limit

Here’s what the world’s biggest solar farm looks like from space

Satellite imagery shows how the complex has boomed since 2013.

separation anxiety

Watch the ever-growing rift in Antarctica’s fourth biggest ice shelf

The crack now stretches more than 100 miles in length.

on the rocks

The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Arctic winter is about to get worse

Arctic sea ice is already at a record low. An oncoming storm will cause even more melt.

a site to see

Welcome to the new EPA website, overhauled by Trump’s team

While some of the changes are typical for a new administration, others are concerning.

equality or bust

Women scientists: “We’re not backing down, and we’re not going away”

A pledge for inclusivity and protecting science from Trump has been signed by 14,000 scientists.


The doomsday clock is at its closest to midnight in 64 years

Climate change and fact-denying leaders spurred the clock 30 seconds forward.

sight to remember

New satellite sends back its first images — and they’re stunning

NOAA said the images are the start of an age of “high-definition from the heavens.”


Science is under assault. On Inauguration Day, scientists speak out.

Scientists, basically: “Um, science is actually really important, you guys."