Brie Mazurek

Brie Mazurek is the Online Education Manager at CUESA (the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture), which operates the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Farming without water

As drought becomes increasingly common, more and more farmers will likely look to the ancient art of dry-farming as a solution. (It also makes for really flavorful produce!)

Locavore brew: Tapping into beer’s agricultural roots

What happens when small batch brewers discover the farm-to-table movement and run with it?

San Francisco’s urban ag-spansion

San Francisco -- a city that has long had more aspiring gardeners than land -- now has a plan in place to build new gardens and make signing up for a community plot less of a losing proposition.

Photo: Gregory Han

Getting homemade foods off the black market

With a proposed "cottage food law," California joins a handful of states that have already made it legal to sell artisan foods made in people's homes.