Christy Harrison

Christy Harrison is a writer and editor covering food, nutrition, and health. She is completing a Master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition at New York University and pursuing her Registered Dietitian license (R.D.). She lives in Brooklyn, NY.


Deep impact: The toll your protein takes on the Earth

As part of our ongoing protein series, we take a broad look at the environmental impact of some of the most high-protein foods.

Protein: How much do we need?

Most of us tend to concern ourselves with whether we're getting enough protein. What about getting too much in a way that might waste the earth's natural resources? We start out our protein series with a look at how much of this nutrient is necessary.

Seriously, now — why aren’t organics getting affordable?

So you like whole-grain bread, pesticide-free plums, and low-fat meat? Better ask for a raise. A recent study by researchers at the University of California-Davis reported that U.S. shoppers who consistently choose healthy foods spend nearly 20 percent more on groceries. The study also said the higher price of these healthier choices can consume 35 to 40 percent of a low-income family’s grocery budget. That’s bad news for public health. It’s also bad news for the organic-food market, since organics usually carry the highest price tag of all the healthy stuff out there. Do organics make the list? Eventually, analysts …

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We've devised the world's shortest survey to find out what kind of actions our readers are taking. You know you want to.