Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson used to be Grist's editorial assistant. After disappearing into the wild for a while, she is now attempting to reenter society.

Alaska’s latest climate worries: Massive wildfires and gushing glaciers

Alaska faces more severe and frequent wildfires in the years to come. Meanwhile, its Mendenhall Glacier keeps releasing sudden surges of water.

electric car

Think you can’t afford an EV? Think again

Automakers now offer an array of discount leases and perks that make electric cars accessible for a much broader segment of the population.

Ice, ice, maybe: Snow and ice melting at record speed

From April to June, more than 80 percent of the Northern Hemisphere's snow cover melted away -- one of the most rapid shifts on record.

oil cars on train

Crude on the tracks: Oil spills from trains skyrocket

As more oil is being shipped by rail across North America, more oil is being spilled from trains.

Tour de farm: A cross-country bike quest for the female farming perspective

Two college graduates set out by cycle to meet the women reshaping our food system.

Have fun, stay single — it’s sustainable

People who live alone tend to live more sustainably, which is good news for cities.


Positive buzz: One bumblebee species makes a comeback

In a hopeful sign for bee fans, the once-common Western bumblebee has been glimpsed in Washington state for the first time since the mid-90s.

Tea Partiers fight over solar power in Georgia, and the solar fans win

A Koch-backed group didn't want a new solar mandate, but another set of Tea Partiers thinks energy diversity is a smart idea.

Obama likes broccoli, and thanks to science, soon you will too

Scientists are tinkering with the way broccoli tastes, looks, and grows, in an effort to get us to eat more of it. Sounds like a liberal government conspiracy.