Daniel J. Weiss

Daniel J. Weiss is a Senior Fellow and the Director of Climate Strategy at American Progress, where he leads the Center's clean energy and climate advocacy campaign. Before coming to American Progress, he spent 25 years working with environmental advocacy organizations and political campaigns.

Three climate and energy debate questions for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

Given how relevant our energy future and response to climate change are to the economy, here are some questions we'd love to hear asked in Wednesday's domestic-policy debate.

Everything you need to know about where Obama and Romney stand on energy policy

The presidential candidates' energy agendas couldn't be more different. Here's a side-by-side comparison.

Paul Ryan’s budget plan is very nice to Big Oil

Paul Ryan's proposed budget would keep Big Oil fat and happy while condemning the rest of us to high energy prices, job losses to other nations, and air pollution.

The ‘war on coal’ is a myth

The number of coal jobs has increased in recent years; industry claims of a "war on coal" just aim to distract voters from the real war Big Coal wages on their health and the environment.

Senators take emergency oil reserve hostage to force Keystone approval

They won't stop: GOP senators introduced an act that would prevent Obama from selling oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve unless Keystone is approved.

Time for an oil change: Americans strongly oppose fossil fuel subsidies

A Yale poll found that Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to oil, coal, and gas subsidies.

11 important clean energy provisions in Obama’s budget proposal

By including investments in clean energy and efficiency that will create jobs and save taxpayers money, the president has proposed a budget for the 99%.

Big Oil’s banner year: Higher prices, record profits, less oil

BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Royal Dutch Shell made a record-high $137 billion in profits in 2011 -- yet yielded lower oil production than in 2010.

Obama proposes new emissions standards on eve of U.N. meeting

Obama's proposed rules to reduce CO2 pollution should be applauded, given the hostile, anti-science political environment they're coming from.