Darrin Nordahl

Darrin Nordahl is the city designer at the Davenport Design Center, a division of the Community & Economic Development Department of the City of Davenport, Iowa. He has taught in the planning program at the University of California at Berkeley and is the author of My Kind of Transit and <a href="http://islandpress.org/bookstore/details607b.html?prod_id=19155"Public Produce, which makes a case for local government involvement in shaping food policy.

  • Food Feeding the City

    Smart city governments grow produce for the people

    Civic-minded local government officials from Baltimore, Md., to Bainbridge Island, Wash. are ripping out camellias and planting chard that’s free for the taking instead, reports Public Produce author Darrin Nordahl. Dig into the next installment of our ongoing series on …