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Donella Meadows' Posts


Song for the Bluefin Tuna

Carl Safina is a fanatic fisherman. He's especially fanatic about ocean fish, which got him interested in seabirds, which got him into serious biology, which got him infuriated about what he was seeing in the fisheries, which got him to found the Audubon Society's Living Oceans Program. All of which got him to write Song for the Blue Ocean, a gripping book, believe it or not, about fish. Safina takes you out in the boats with commercial fleets. He takes you to Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market, where a large fraction of the world's catch ends up. He takes you to …

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The Dow Passes 10,000 — Hooray?

Wow! The Dow Jones average is over 10,000! And still, as of this writing, rising. Judging from the media celebration, here is proof positive that America is thriving. But who or what is actually thriving? There are two ways to answer that question. One is to travel around America -- all of it, the inner cities and the uptown penthouses, the trailers and the trophy homes -- and see. The other is to look at the statistics. Either way you find the same answer. A small minority of Americans are thriving. On paper anyway. For the moment. How many American …