Ed Begley

Ed Begley, Jr., is an actor and environmental activist who lives in Los Angeles, Calif. He was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the TV series St. Elsewhere, and he has been featured in Batman Forever, Renaissance Man, and The Accidental Tourist, among other films. He currently plays a recurring character on the Warner Brothers' hit series 7th Heaven, and has a role on a new series called The Beat on UPN.

And wishing I'd left the car at home

Editor’s note: Actor and environmental activist Ed Begley, Jr., journeyed last month in a natural-gas car from his hometown of Los Angeles to Des Moines, Iowa, site of the nation’s first political caucuses, to raise the profile of clean-car technology. Here he relates his (mis)adventures. Ed — happier in a tree than in a car. A Week Before Departure The good folks at the EarthYear 2000 event in Iowa are excited that I’m driving an alternative-fuel vehicle to their conference. They intend to put it on display for all to see. I love promoting clean technology. I’ve driven cross-country about …

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