Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan

Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan is Grist's "Greenie Pig" -- weathering all manner of inconvenience and insult in the name of forging a more eco-friendly life. She is a freelance writer and special projects editor at Backpacker magazine. Her writing has also appeared in 5280 (Denver's city magazine), Women's Adventure, and Spry.

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Grist’s green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, sets aside her store-bought cleansers and cleans the house with all manner of oddities, including a raw lemon and tea tree oil. Surprise! This stuff actually works.

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Me against the world: The trouble with travel and the climate

Last fall, our green-living pioneer, the Greenie Pig, set out to offset the globe-warming gases she produced on a trip to Texas. Four months into it, she’s not even halfway to her goal. The lesson? Well, read on …

Spoil sport: How I learned to stop worrying and love the dumpster

Armed with suggestions from readers, Grist’s green-living pioneer went back to the trash bins in search of sustenance. This time, she emerged with a spread fit for a king.