Enrique Gili

Enrique Gili is a freelance writer living in Southern California. Follow him on Twitter.

Invasive species? This sushi chef rolls with it

Bun Lai transforms pests like lionfish, jellyfish, and invasive crabs into tasty table fare while nudging sushi back to its freshwater origins.

The ultimate guilt-free diet: Hunting invasive species

Author and hunter Jackson Landers talks about how a steady diet of unwanted plants and animals can help solve some of today's most pressing environmental dilemmas.

Farm Bill 2012

Pushing for local food in the farm bill: An interview with Chellie Pingree

Rep. Chellie Pingree introduced the Local Farms, Food, and Jobs Act to make sure small-scale agriculture doesn't get left out of this year's farm bill.

Born to bee wild: How feral pollinators may help prevent colony collapse disorder

Some scientists believe that crossbreeding with wild bees may be key to preserving the domestic honeybee. But will anyone pay attention in time?

Poop dreams: A farmer on why we should care about manure

Waste not, want not: A chat with the author of the No. 1 book on the No. 2 business.

Up a creek: A run-down urban neighborhood finds life in a dead stream

In one of the tougher corners of San Diego, a group of committed residents and activists has set out to restore a long-forgotten waterway -- and in the process, give the community a much-needed shot in the arm.

New Agtivist: Colin Archipley is teaching soldiers to farm

This former Marine is part of the growing movement to fill the aging agriculture sector with returning soldiers who can benefit from focus, independence, and time outdoors.