Gar Lipow

Gar Lipow, a long-time environmental activist and journalist with a strong technical background, has spent years immersed in the subject of efficiency and renewable energy. His new book Solving the Climate Crisis will be published by Praeger Press in Spring 2012. Check out his online reference book compiling information on technology available today.

Zombie carbon trading’s latest resurrection

[Because the following is long, it is also available in pdf format at ] Even as London carbon trading desks shut down[1] in response …

Light rail on a diet equals better mass transit

I often write about the key role the federal government plays in infrastructure. Ultralight rail is one small example of the role national governments can …

The Price is Wrong

[A short excerpt from the following was previously published on the “Triple Crisis” blog of Dollars & Sense magazine] For United States climate activists to …

“Pennies for Wendy’s”

Wendy’s is the biggest holdout among the fast food giants who refuses to pay a penny more per pound of tomatoes on condition that growers …

Climate change deniers, you should get together with Beatles deniers

Yes, along with those who deny that human action is the primary cause of this century’s global warming, there are people who deny that the …

Business & Technology

Why your iThings don’t have to be weCruel

Does Apple really have no choice but to build your iPad and iPhone unsustainably, exploiting workers and resources? Not once you realize how the devices' costs break down.

Climate & Energy

Sorry, we still don’t know if biochar can save our asses

Claims of biochar being a magic-bullet solution to climate change are so far unfounded, but if we invest heavily in research, it could turn out to save us.

Why Miracle on 34th Street delights my cold cynical heart

Miracle on 34th Street is the perfect Christmas movie for those who hate fake sentimentality. It is not that the classic 1947 film lacks schmaltz, …

Clean, cheap long distance electricity transmission? Worth investigating.

I recently stumbled upon some High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology that seems promising to me for long distance transmission. It is not existing technology; …

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