Gillian Caldwell

Gillian Caldwell is campaign director for 1Sky.

Where do we go now?

An open letter to all people and organizations working to combat global warming

Bill McKibben, Billy Parish, and other activists want to hear from you about the best ways to move forward in the fight against climate change.

Doc, I'm going climate crazy!

16 tips for avoiding climate burnout

Cross-posted from The Skywriter — 1Sky’s Blog. I have spent my lifetime face to face with some of the most brutal and inhumane acts ever committed, but nothing has been as traumatizing for me as trying to get action to tackle the climate crisis. As a long time human rights defender and prior Executive Director at WITNESS, I helped produce and direct films on rape as a weapon of war and amputations in Sierra Leone’s recent bloody conflict, I conducted an undercover investigation into the Russian mafia’s involvement in trafficking women for forced prostitution, I investigated hit squads in apartheid …

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