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Washington Gov. Jay Inslee talks climate solutions

Editor's note: The chat is over, but you can watch a replay below. 

Starting at 3 p.m. PT / 6 p.m. ET, watch Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) discuss the push for climate action along the West Coast. This Climate Desk event will also feature Grist's David Roberts (not an April Fool's Day joke, we swear!), Bloomberg correspondent Paul Shukovsky, and University of Washington College of the Environment Dean Lisa Graumlich. Chris Mooney of Climate Desk will moderate.


Happy hour

Join Grist and SXSW ECO for a Big Idea fest (and free drinks!) in Seattle


Hey, Seattle! Grist is teaming up with SXSW ECO to launch its 2014 conference season. The Emerald City is ripe with ideas and solutions for a sustainable future, so we want to give you the opportunity to help shape SXSW ECO’s upcoming programming.

Come hang out with Grist and ECO staff on April 2 at the beautiful Bullitt Center — the greenest commercial building in the world. Brainstorm for the upcoming gathering, mingle with friends, and get a chance to win a badge to the Oct. 6-8 conference.

And did we mention the drinks?

To attend, you’ll need to reserve a spot here. (Space is limited, so we recommend signing up quick.)

Here are the basics:

When: Wednesday, April 2, 2014, 6-8 p.m.
Where: The Bullitt Center
1501 East Madison Street
Seattle, Wash.

Hope to see you there!

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Grist is looking for the next class of fellows

© Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Are you an early-career journalist, storyteller, or multimedia wizard who digs what we do? Then Grist wants you!

We are now accepting applications for the next class of the Grist Fellowship Program.

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Talk talk: Political junkies discuss Senate chat on climate

When the Senate pulls an all-nighter, the world listens. Or do they? Grist's Ben Adler joined HuffPost Live Host Alyona Minkovski, along with Neil Bhatiya of The Century Foundation and's Jamie Henn, to talk about whether the congressional confab was just a publicity stunt -- or if it could lead to some meaningful action. Watch here:

Also: Check out the best one-liners from the Senate sleepover.



Thanks to these sweet posters, green habits have never looked cooler

Oliver Cheshire

It's that time of year again! Do the Green Thing is celebrating Earth Hour by releasing a new poster every day until March 29. The posters, often created by big designer names, are aimed at encouraging folks to, well, do the green thing. Here are some of our favorites. See more great posters and follow the project


Hundreds arrested at anti-Keystone protest in front of White House

Keystone protest
XL Dissent

Nearly 400 anti-Keystone protestors were arrested on Sunday after zip-tying themselves to a fence in front of the White House. Activist group characterized the action as the "largest youth civil disobedience at the White House in a generation."

Those arrested were part of a larger student-led protest coordinated by XL Dissent. Organizers estimated that 1,200 people total participated in the march and rally that called on President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to reject plans to build the Keystone XL pipeline.

Here are some photos and tweets from the scene:


In “The Sixth Extinction,” Elizabeth Kolbert reports from the frontlines of a dying world

University of Montana

The New Yorker writer and acclaimed author Elizabeth Kolbert has a penchant for depressing topics. Her 2006 book, Field Notes from a Catastrophe, helped push climate change into the mainstream (with bonus points for not mincing words in the title).

Now that climate change is safely keeping most of us up at night, Kolbert turned her pen to another big bummer: the sixth extinction. We're currently losing species at a rate of 1,000 to 10,000 times higher than unassisted nature wiping out the occasional newt. While humans weren't responsible for the last five mass extinctions, our fingerprints are all over this one. Yep: We collectively have the force of an asteroid when it comes to erasing species (high five, guys!) and for the most part, our response has been classic Urkel.

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This artist creates fracking scenes with vintage figurines and postcards

Brandi Merolla

New York state-based photographer Brandi Merolla was trying to figure out her next project when she looked around her house. Victorian prints, tiny charms, paintings, vintage postcards, and figurines she collected throughout the years suddenly stood out in ways they hadn't before. So she used her collection to illustrate something else close to home: fracking. In "Scenes from the Attic," Merolla tackles a big controversy with tiny art.

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Plucky guess: Your chicken probably didn’t come from a Portlandia sketch

Have you ever watched Portlandia and thought, "Gee, this show is good, but I wish it were more depressing"? You're in luck. Food & Water Watch took a classic sketch on ordering local chicken and gave it a more realistic spin. Let's be real. Your chicken probably didn't have a name, unless "Bummer No. 2,321,983" counts.

Cheer up. Here's the Portlandia clip:

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The pope is writing a big green manifesto

Pope Francis
neneo / Shutterstock

The first clue that Pope Francis might be a greenie came when he chose to name himself after Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment.

We've also learned that he likes riding buses and doesn't like fracking.

Soon we'll find out more about his views on environmental protection. The Associated Press reports:

Pope Francis has begun drafting an encyclical on ecology.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said the document was still very much in its early stages and that no publication date has been set.

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