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See for yourself a glimpse of police brutality at Standing Rock.

How it went down: Water cannons, rubber bullets, tear gas in freezing temps.

Bernie Sanders tells us how to fight for the climate in the Trump era.

"Our job is to mobilize and educate and to fight back at every instance."

Environmental leaders on hope and progress in the age of Trump

Bernie Sanders, Annie Leonard, and more on where we go from here.

Dakota Access clash

Police tactics at Standing Rock have escalated to using water cannons in the freezing cold.

Police sprayed about 400 people in 20-degree temperatures, according to numerous reports.

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How comics can help us talk about climate change

What can superheroes teach us about bigger issues? Watch and learn.

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We’ve got some weekend reading to help you face the post-election world.

This week, we’re (sort of) ready to think about why what happened … happened.

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Here’s what to read when you just can’t read about the election right now.

Maybe you need a little comfort right now. Reading helps.

In Donald Trump’s final stretch in New Hampshire …

CNN, meanwhile, shocks us with actual climate coverage.

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Election reading for you! Wait, don’t go.

At the very least, the agony of the uncertainty will all be over soon.