Holly Richmond

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Why do you have to walk a mile to cross these streets?

In Burlington, Mass., you have to walk 1.2 miles to find a crosswalk between the mall and the movie theater, even though they’re right across the street.

Yes Men fool college students into thinking their school divested from fossil fuels

Seeing that Reed College has invested $5.4 million in cutting its carbon emissions, divestment is a logical next step. Too bad it's not true (yet).

Pat Sajak ruins your sick-day game-show viewing with climate denial

Sajak likes to make 140-character jabs at environmentalists. Thankfully he’s not exactly a respected scientific authority.

Here are some of the ridiculous food names babies got last year

Babies named Quinoa may be a stretch, but Kale, Chai, and other foodie names are all too real.

Your buddy Nicolas Cage to star in “The Runner,” a film set after the BP oil spill

It’s unclear how large the BP oil spill will loom in the film.

This giant hamster wheel is cleaning up Baltimore Harbor

You still shouldn't just chuck your old boots into the harbor, but it’s pretty cool, right?

If you keep illegally dumping fracking waste, Big Oil, we’ll keep videotaping you

We’ve got camera phones, and we aren’t afraid to use them. And by "we" I mean mom and organic farmer Amber Lyssy.

Climate change is turning sea turtles female

At incubation temperatures higher than 84 degrees F, fewer and fewer males are born. They need a box fan or more umbrella drinks, stat!

Climate change is threatening the tiny, adorable musky rat-kangaroo

This li'l buddy only gets nine inches long!