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Pat Sajak ruins your sick-day game-show viewing with climate denial

Climate change deniers for $400: This orange game-show staple recently tainted your harmless sick-day TV-watching by spouting dreck on Twitter. (Who is Pat Sajak? Ding ding ding!)

Making even Conan Alex Trebek look like a bastion of reason, the Wheel of Fortune host tweeted this on Monday:

After a busy day brokering vowels, Sajak likes to kick back and make some 140-character jabs at environmentalists, proving that no, he’s not smarter than a fifth grader:

Thankfully, sometimes we jab back:

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Here are some of the ridiculous food names babies got last year


The world’s youngest pretentious hipster, Quinoa, may live only on Pinterest, but kids named Kale are all too real. And not just in the Haus of Gwyneth: More than 330 actual human children, ostensibly not all celebrity spawn, were named after the leafy green in 2013. (Teachers of 2020 and beyond, we’re sorry.)

Surprising no one, little Kales are most common in California, where they will grow up to drink green juice and flirt with reality stardom. It’s an overwhelmingly male name, with only five girls to 257 boys. (Perhaps Friseé is more feminine.) But don’t worry -- American girls got their own slew of food names in 2013:

  • Olive: 1,086 girls
  • Pepper: 152
  • Ginger: 92
  • Tea: 44
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Your buddy Nicolas Cage to star in “The Runner,” a film set after the BP oil spill


Whispering question mark Nicolas Cage will sneak away from filming National Treasure 3 to star in a film set immediately after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. In The Runner, which will come out next year, Cage will play a disgraced Louisiana congressmember named Colin Price, whose career disintegrates after a sex scandal.

The movie starts filming next month in New Orleans, which occupies a place in Cage’s heart right next to the Declaration of Independence. Or as IndieWire wrote, “[T]he real story here is Nicolas Cage and his somewhat healthy obsession with the city of New Orleans.” The guy not only used to live in NOLA and has filmed three movies there in the past five years, but he bought a nine-foot tomb shaped like a pyramid in the city for when he finally hangs up his hair plugs.


This giant hamster wheel is cleaning up Baltimore Harbor

Lucy Wang / Inhabitat

Trash-clogged Baltimore Harbor might actually be swimmable in six years, thanks to what is essentially a giant sun-charged hamster wheel.

The Water Wheel Trash Inceptor (as it’s officially called) uses power from 30 solar panels to spin in the harbor. The wheel can scoop up an impressive 50,000 pounds of garbage every day. “I was tired of always hearing tourists say ‘ugh, this harbor’s disgusting,’” co-creator John Kellett told Inhabitat. Built by just a handful of people, the wheel was up and running in seven months.

Lucy Wang / Inhabitat
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If you keep illegally dumping fracking waste, Big Oil, we’ll keep videotaping you


Earlier this spring, a tanker truck leaked roughly 1,000 gallons of toxic fracking fluid on eight miles of road in South Texas. Authorities can’t be certain that the middle-of-the-night spill was intentional, just like no one knows where flowers come from.

But at least now, thanks to surveillance footage, the company responsible is under investigation by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the state Railroad Commission. As detective Robert Ebrom, Jr., said, "If I could, I would file criminal charges."

Here are the gory deets from Inside Climate News:

When the On Point Services tanker left the Marathon drilling site, it contained 20 to 30 barrels (840-1,260 gallons) of contaminated drilling fluid, according to the report. Records show the tank was empty when it arrived at facility where tankers are cleaned out.


The driver told sheriff's investigators the valve of the back of his tanker sometimes leaked, though he said he couldn't remember whether he checked on that particular load to see if the valve was closed ...

Double-convenient! You’re working in the booming Eagle Ford Shale, pounding the ground with an undisclosed poisonous blend that includes “dangerous chemicals, oil, metals shavings, and naturally occurring radioactive materials.” But that toxic sizzurp’s gotta go somewhere when you’re done tainting the local water supply working. Why not accidentally lose it on a stretch of rural land?

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Climate change is turning sea turtles female

Gabriel Saldana

Eighty-four degrees Fahrenheit is the sweet spot for sea turtles. At that temp, babies have an equal chance of being male or female -- so paint the nursery yellow! When things get hotter, however, tots are more and more likely to be female. At 86.9 degrees F, only lady sea turtles are born.

Which means climate change is effin’ things up again, according to research published today in Nature Climate Change. A warming world could make male hatchlings a thing of the past, potentially driving the turtles extinct. Yikes. One of the study’s authors, Graeme Hays from Deakin University, notes that the population of Caribbean green turtles has already shrunk more than 99 percent.

The Sydney Morning Herald has the scoop:

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Climate change is threatening the tiny, adorable musky rat-kangaroo


Climate change could drive the world’s tiniest kangaroo extinct. Which is bad news, because the li’l buddy is adorable and has a great name: the musky rat-kangaroo. (Did scientists turn it down for a date after getting a whiff, Courtney Love-style?)

The teeny marsupial -- which is usually about nine inches long -- eats (and poops out) seeds, making it an important agent in helping rainforests regenerate. But because it only lives in northeast Australia’s rainforests, it has nowhere to go when rising temperatures make the clime unlivable. Or as Scientific American explains:

[T]the kangaroos have never been found outside of tropical rainforests, not even in nearby temperate rainforests, which have lower rainfall levels and hold completely different plant species. Their rainforest habitat could experience temperature rises of 4 to 5 degrees Celsius [about 9 degrees Fahrenheit] and a corresponding 5 to 10 percent less rainfall by the year 2070, according to current climate models.

Plus, it doesn’t exactly help that developers are replacing parts of its habitat with golf courses and suburban sprawl. (Thankfully, most of musky rat-kangaroo land is a protected national park.)

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Jason Biggs tells SeaWorld to eat his — well, you know


If season two of Orange Is the New Black just can’t get here fast enough, let Jason Biggs distract you for two minutes with some SeaWorld snark.

“When I have kids, I can’t wait to take them to SeaWorld!” he says sarcastically. “Maybe they’ll get lucky and see when the trainers get their legs ripped off.” Then the truth comes out: “SeaWorld, why don’t you eat my dick, OK? I don’t love SeaWorld. I fucking hate SeaWorld.” The actor ends up naked in a kiddie pool to illustrate orca confinement.

PETA contacted Biggs about making the ad after the group saw his anti-SeaWorld tweets last fall.

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The week in GIFs: Broad City edition

It's only the best show on TV. (Last week: Amy Poehler.)

Brits do so much coke, it's in their drinking water:

The Gloss

Alec Baldwin got arrested for biking the wrong way (and being belligerent):


There was a big EPA court victory on soot pollution:

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out to pasture

Of course there’s an Airbnb for cows

black angus cows

Psst. Where’s the best grass? No, not THAT kind. For grazing, duhhhh! The site PastureScout can’t hook you up with drugs, but it WILL help you find somewhere for your cattle to graze.

Much like Airbnb, the online platform connects people with extra room with those who need a place to stay. Just replace tourists with bovines and a beachfront flat with “wheat pasture, native range, or cropland stubble.”

Here’s a quick rundown for “pasture users” (heh heh):

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