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60 Minutes’ ‘Cleantech Crash’ segment misses the point, critics charge

A recent 60 Minutes segment is drawing sharp criticism for its pessimistic take on the green technology sector, which questioned whether cleantech has become a "dirty word."

"The Cleantech Crash," which aired Jan. 5 and can be watched above, argues that renewable energy and other types of clean technology are a dying industry. Critics have called the segment a "hit job," a "debacle," an "about face" and even "Dumb & Dumber Part 3."

One of the biggest issues with the segment, critics charge, is that it conflated the Silicon Valley cleantech venture capital scene with the Department of Energy's loan guarantee program for renewable energy.


Dolphins in Louisiana’s Barataria Bay much sicker after BP oil spill

bottlenose dolphin gulf coast

A year after BP's disastrous 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a team of researchers found that dolphins in the vicinity of the spill showed major signs of sickness, a new study says.

According to a new peer-reviewed study published Wednesday in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, a team of government, academic, and non-governmental researchers identified previously unseen health issues in bottlenose dolphins examined in August 2011 in Louisiana's Barataria Bay.

Researchers examined 32 dolphins, including 29 that received comprehensive physical and ultrasound examinations. Nearly half of the sampled population were identified as being in "guarded or worse" condition, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Another 17 percent were in poor or grave condition and "not expected to survive." Among the health problems were lung damage and low levels of adrenal stress-response hormones. A quarter of the dolphins were also underweight.

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