Janet Redman

Janet Redman is co-director of the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network at the Institute for Policy Studies where she provides analysis of the international financial institutions' energy investment and carbon finance activities.

a speeching moment

Obama BP speech should signal shift in energy future

Photo: The White HouseTonight, President Obama addresses the nation to talk about how his administration will hold BP accountable for the damages incurred by what has become the worst oil spill in U.S. history, and how he plans to reregulate the oil industry. The American public will be looking for bold action. Obama has a golden opportunity to show the growing ranks of disappointed progressives and moderates that his administration is about changing politics as usual — if he and his advisors have the political courage to seize the moment. Obama must harness the public outrage at BP and momentum …

To reach a climate agreement in the near future, countries must look into the past

The second round of this year’s climate negotiations have wrapped up in Bonn, Germany, and government negotiators are digging in to their positions, making the chances of signing any global climate deal in Copenhagen this December – let alone a fair deal – increasingly slim. A snapshot at the midpoint on the road to Copenhagen reveals that much has stayed the same since last time parties were assembled here in March. Two major hurdles block forward movement in reaching an agreement: the lack of political will by industrialized countries to commit to deep cuts in their greenhouse gas emissions, and …

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