Jared Flesher

Jared Flesher writes about energy, agriculture, the environment, and people as a freelance journalist. His work has been published by The New York Times Online, The Wall Street Journal Online, The Christian Science Monitor and Gannett New Jersey newspapers.

Sustainable Farming

For young farmers: No land, but plenty of climate change to go around

While making a documentary about young farmers in New Jersey, a filmmaker noticed that the extreme weather became the star of the show.

Good naybors

New Jersey horse farmers fueled by hay, not oil

Steed for the tillerman: New Jersey farmer Tom Paduano at work(Photos by Jared Flesher) For the past year, I’ve been following around farmers in New Jersey with a video camera. For the most part, they are young, broke, landless, and optimistic. “I’ve hit the jackpot. I’m getting rich. I’m farming,” deadpanned Aubrey Yarbrough, age 28, on a recent morning devoted to planting potatoes. She was only half kidding. As an intern on an organic vegetable farm near Princeton, she’s now bringing in nearly $1,000 per month, double what she made at her farming internship last year. The protagonists of my …

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