Jess Zimmerman

Jess Zimmerman was the editor of Grist List.

The world's first vertical forest is under construction in Milan

We've pretty much established that trees are awesome -- they make you smart, improve your home's value, filter pollution, provide shade, and produce oxygen. But even in a city that prioritizes green spaces, surface area is at a premium. How …

Climate change is making plants and insects shrink

Here's a novel weight loss tip: Live on a planet whose global warming trend is so severe that you need to shrink in order to adapt. Oh, and it helps to be an insect, spider, plant, or marine creature. (Or …

Target is switching to sustainable seafood

Target is the latest chain to pledge to phase unsustainable seafood out of its stores. The company has already rid its shelves of orange roughy, farmed salmon, and Chilean sea bass, and plans to switch entirely to sustainable fresh and …

Wisconsin town wants to outlaw biking and walking

The town of Hull, Wis., has a creative response to solving the problem of bike and pedestrian safety: Forbid bikers and pedestrians from using the roads.

Perry's energy plan is a Big Oil wet dream

This is not a surprise or anything, but Rick Perry unveiled what we'll charitably call an "energy plan," and it's printed on oil-soaked paper with oil-based ink.

House members say Keystone XL approval process is tainted

Twenty members of the House of Representatives have signed a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, asking her to reject the Keystone XL pipeline on the grounds that the approval process has been tainted by conflicts of interest. The …

The top 10 Fox News lies about the EPA

Media Matters has compiled a list of the top 10 falsehoods Fox News has spread about the EPA this year. Click for more detail!

Here's what wind power looked like in 1951

This video of vintage wind turbines is super cool. EnergyNOW reports that the U.K. started supplementing its energy needs with wind power during World War II, then kept using wind for daily needs — like shop window lighting — after …

Genius shopping cart gizmo helps you eat local

This shopping cart attachment lets you compare the food miles on your purchases in a way that's quick, easy to interpret, and less complicated than the self-checkout. That is cool as hell! Also, this demonstration video, which was made for …