Jonathan Hiskes

Jonathan Hiskes is a writer in Seattle and a former Grist staff reporter. Find him at and on Twitter.

Moscow's transportation policy makes even Republican plans look okay

Newly elected Republican leaders may be blocking passenger-rail plans in Wisconsin, Ohio and New Jersey and wishing it were the 1950s in Congressional transportation planning, but at least we're doing better than Moscow.

Indiana coal plant will stop sending soot toward Chicago — in a few years

An especially filthy coal-fired power plant in northwest Indiana will belch its last cloud of soot, carbon, mercury, and other pollutants sometime between 2014 and 2017.

Mother of Green Party candidate killed by SUV becomes bike-safety advocate

No amount of infrastructure will be sufficient if we continue to treat vehicular manslaughter so cavalierly.

6 ways to solve the ‘renter’s dilemma’ for home energy

If renters aren't staying and landlords aren't paying utility bills, who pays for home-energy improvements?

NBC’s green nagging takes a break for the Prince of Wales documentary ‘Harmony’

The film looks mighty, mighty earnest, so consider yourself warned if you're prone to nodding off at such things.

High-speed rail too expensive? Let’s go with bullet-speed buses [VIDEO]

President Obama's proposed high-speed train system will be replaced with a fleet of buses that will rocket along highways at speeds up to 165 mph (according to The Onion).

Anatomy of a greenwash [VIDEO]

The good folks at Funny or Die have new video skewering Chevron's cynical "We agree" ad campaign.

Understanding the smart meter backlash

The California revolt over smart grids says plenty about the importance of psychology in energy tech. And while protests over radiation and cost ripoffs may be debunk-able, privacy concerns aren't going away quickly.

Bicycling to Mecca

"You get an opportunity that traveling by plane or car you don't get. And you learn much more, you discover much more about yourself. It was an existential experience."