Kate Adamick

Kate Adamick is a New York–based consultant and lecturer on food systems and school food reform. She is an advisor to The Orfalea Foundations in California, The Colorado Health Foundation, and The Children’s Health Foundation in Colorado.


A parable on the National School Lunch Program

Crap: it’s what’s for school lunch. But does it have to be? Not long ago or far away, there was a great and mighty kingdom that was the envy of all other kingdoms in the world. The kingdom was home …


The beef recall shows yet again that the USDA doesn’t protect schoolchildren

The USDA recently took action to force the recall of 143 million pounds of beef dating back two years -- the largest beef recall in our country's history. More than 25 percent of the recalled beef was distributed free of …

Business & Technology

Why the Happy Meals-for-good-grades scheme deserves an ‘F’

Why is it acceptable to reward our children for successful academic performance with something that will harm them? How can we, as a society, allow this kind of corporate conduct when the most recent study on Body Mass Index (BMI) …