Kate Yoder


Keystone XL is approved. Apply now for 35 permanent pipeline jobs.

That's it.


Major TV networks spent just 50 minutes on climate change — combined — last year.

That represents a dramatic, 66-percent drop from 2015.

Good nature

To reduce obesity and depression, we need more nature in our lives.

People who live near green spaces are generally happier and report better physical and mental health.

A bitter pill

Doctors say climate change is making Americans sicker.

Most Americans can't name a single risk it poses to our health. Can you?

Site unseen

Watch Stephen Colbert take a swipe at EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

"You really shouldn’t contradict your own website."

how low can you go

Antarctica’s sea ice just hit the lowest level ever seen.

And it's about to drop even further.


Here are 4 ways climate change is messing with our brains — for the worse.

Environmental changes can have surprising impacts on mental health.

better than organic?

Robots are raising your kale now.

One New Jersey farm grows pesticide-free greens with a little help from AI.

awkward position

Most Trump voters actually support climate action.

That’s the takeaway from a post-election survey. If only Trump and his cabinet agreed.