Kif Scheuer

Lifecycle Building Challenge

Cool design competition

West Coast Green and the Building Materials Reuse Assoc., along with the EPA and AIA, are sponsoring a design competition called the LifeCycle Building Challenge:

Measuring carbon impacts, one grocery cart at a time

Tesco will offer carbon labels

The folks over at Terrapass blogged this story today: Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in Britain, has announced that it will begin labeling all 70,000 products on its shelves with the amount of carbon generated from the production, transport, and consumption of those items.

SOTU 2007: Stopping carbon emissions the 1/3-by-never way

What about buildings and industry?

As many have already dug into the particulars of the Bush climate-change non-plan, I'll take a different stab. The President's Plan Will Help Confront Climate Change By Stopping The Projected Growth Of Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Cars, Light Trucks, And SUVs Within 10 Years. Wait a doggone, oil-slugging, carbon-spewing minute!

Dangling Dingell

Will Dingell obstruct on climate change?

Apparently, John Dingell is not sitting idly by as Nancy Pelosi sticks a thumb in his eye on global warming. An editorial in the NYT mentions that he has sent out a "quiet little letter to the members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce ... he said he would put climate change at the top of the committee agenda this year and, for good measure, would invite Al Gore ... to testify first." The editorial paints Dingell as less of an "obstruction" than others have:

Why I love psychology

It gets at what matters

A looong time ago I posted on bringing better psychology research into the climate debate. Others have also posted occasionally about the psychological dimensions of environmental issues (here and here and here). In the last few days there were a couple of items, unrelated to environmental issues (on the surface at least), that reminded me why I love this stuff so much. See below for details ...

Wither the magic bullets? Planting trees can cause warming too.


Ken Calderia, of the Carenegie Instition's Department of Global Ecology has an op-ed in the NYT today, in which he cautions against willy-nilly tree-planting projects for carbon sequestration:

Heavens to Betsy! Is Exxon lightening up on climate denial?

Could I have missed this?

I know I'm late on this, but the Wall Street Journal had a report on the 11th about Exxon backing off their position on climate change and perhaps engaging with emissions regulation: In one of the strongest signs yet that U.S. industry anticipates government curbs on global-warming emissions, Exxon Mobil Corp., long a leading opponent of such rules, is starting to talk about how it would like them to be structured.

They get what we pay for

U.S. oil and gas leases screw taxpayers

It looks like the oil and gas industries are getting what we pay for when it comes to drilling rights. The NYT reports today that it's finally gotten its hands on an Interior Department report which paints a pretty bleak picture of the benefits that come from our leasing deals (another blow to subsidies, eh Dr. Scorse?).

Green building codes: One of the big environmental stories of 2007?

Codes are springing up in cities big and small

Just in the last month I've noticed signs of a major shift in green building practices around the country. Green building codes and ordinances are springing up all over the place. We may be seeing the beginning of one of the best environmental stories of 2007.