Lindsay Wilson

Lindsay Wilson founded Shrink That Footprint in November 2012, after many years of calculating, studying, and working with carbon footprints.

Travel leery: Which countries drive, fly, cycle, and take the train most?

Least surprising part? Americans still love their cars.

Using legos to explain carbon emissions to a child — or every adult who doesn’t get it

This short video is a simple explanation of the global carbon budget.

Global food waste explained (with five tomatoes)

Each year, the world produces about 1,471 pounds of edible food for every person on the planet. We only eat about half of that. What happens to the rest? This video breaks it down.

Mind the carbon gap

The difference between a country’s extraction, production and consumption emissions are what we call "carbon gaps." Here's a look at how different countries compare.

Greenhouse gas emissions explained, in seven balloons

In 2010, human activity caused 50 gigatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Here's how the sources compare.

How do we use electricity?

We can better understand our electricity use -- as a country and at home -- if we break it down by sector and category.