Lisa Hymas

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Pipe down over there

Trump moved to push through the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, but it’s not a done deal.

He signed executive memorandums paving the way for their construction, but it's not at all clear what this will mean on the ground.

Cooling down on climate change

Obama doesn’t sound like a guy planning to fight for his climate legacy.

At his final press conference, the president downplayed the importance of climate compared to issues like voting rights and press freedom.

Grin and Bear It

Global climate activists are wary after Trump’s win

It's not easy.

Death and carbon taxes

Washington state voters rejected a carbon-tax ballot initiative.

I-732 would have been a groundbreaking climate policy, but it was opposed not just by big business but by many environmentalists too.

The fight stuff

Climate hawk vs. climate hawk: State carbon tax divides national environmental leaders

A battle over a ballot initiative in Washington state has boiled over onto the national scene.

Call letter greens

Sanders is going all-out against the Dakota Access Pipeline, while Clinton is dodging the issue.

Sanders and four other senators sent a letter to Obama asking him to require a full environmental and cultural review of the pipeline.

Paris climate activities to be scaled back, even as official summit goes forward

After Friday's terrorist attacks, activists and organizers are deciding whether to scale back or cancel some planned events.

The 7 things you need to know now about the Keystone XL pipeline

Is Keystone permanently dead? Will this decision affect the climate? These answers, and more.

Obama says “no” to TransCanada’s latest Keystone gambit

The company asked for a delay in review of the pipeline proposal, hoping to push the decision off to the next president. Obama denied the request.