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Jackson goes for gold

EPA chief Lisa Jackson will be in the Windy City on Friday to deliver the keynote address to the Chicago Summit on Sport and Sustainability. A review of the summit's agenda and list of speakers suggests the event will be narrowly tailored to efforts that city is undertaking in its bid for the 2016 Olympics. With that said, there also will be representatives from the National Football League (Philadelphia Eagles) who may speak to the efforts underway in professional sports on achieving sustainable practices. As I mentioned in my first article, the professional sports industry is just beginning to embrace …


For the Green of the Game

Blowing the green whistle on sports

Sports leagues and teams are beginning to take sustainability issues more seriously.If you watch sports on TV, you may be thinking from your perch on the couch that they are a relatively inexpensive, practically carbon-neutral diversion from life's occupations. But sport is big business, facing many of the same environmental challenges as the manufacturing, agriculture, and energy sectors. Whether it's golf, baseball, football, basketball, soccer/futball, hockey, auto racing, rugby, cricket (yes, cricket! -- remember, it's huge in other parts of the world) or countless others, they individually and collectively have an enormous impact on the environment. Grist has decided to …