Michael Oppenheimer

Michael Oppenheimer is Albert G. Milbank Professor of Geosciences and International Affairs at Princeton University.

Don’t bet on Bush tackling climate change in a second term

RUSSIA MOVES TO RATIFY THE KYOTO PROTOCOL CALIFORNIA IMPOSES GREENHOUSE-GAS STANDARDS ON CARS NORTHEAST STATES TO IMPOSE GREENHOUSE-GAS CAP EASTERBROOK SAYS “SECOND-TERM BUSH WILL BE THE PRESIDENT WHO IMPOSES GLOBAL-WARMING CONTROLS” Could this man be a climate hero? Guess which headline is bogus? The winner gets a free transcript of the portion of the third Bush-Kerry debate when environmental issues were discussed. Believe it or not, all four of these headlines are real. Gregg Easterbrook, a senior editor at The New Republic, has once again ventured where no sensible human being would dare go, stretching credibility to the limit by …

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