Michael T. Klare

Michael T. Klare is a professor at Hampshire College and an author, most recently, of The Race for What's Left.

Business & Technology

Big Oil’s business model is broken

Here's the real story behind the oil price collapse.

Business & Technology

ExxonMobil claims it’s the savior of the world’s poor

Oil giants are now trying to present themselves as poverty fighters and defenders of human wellbeing.

Grand Oil Party

Here’s why the GOP just loves fossil fuels

The Republican energy agenda goes far beyond Keystone.

Climate & Energy

Like Big Tobacco, Big Energy targets the developing world for future profits

In the '80s, Big Tobacco targeted the developing world, where cigarette demand was strong and regulation was weak. Now, energy companies are taking a page from their playbook.

Climate & Energy

Think “peak oil” is a discredited idea? Think again

Oil giants claim there are no limits on the future of oil and gas extraction, but they may be in for a surprise or two down the road.

Climate & Energy

Is a green energy revolution on the global agenda?

Mass protests over green space in Turkey posed a significant threat to the ruling party, and other countries have begun to feel the heat as well.

Climate & Energy

Don’t for a second imagine we’re heading for an era of renewable energy

Investment in unconventional fossil fuels is expected to outpace spending on renewables by a ratio of at least 3-to-1 in the decades ahead.

Climate & Energy

Obama’s Keystone XL decision could doom the tar sands … or the planet

Every now and then what a president decides actually determines how the world turns.

Climate & Energy

A new ‘golden age of oil’ in the U.S.? Don’t believe it

Those like Mitt Romney who claim that the U.S. can achieve energy “independence” by 2020 are delusional. "Extreme energy" is an extreme dead end.

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