Michelle Venetucci Harvey

Michelle Venetucci Harvey is a marketing and communications intern at the Sightline Institute. She also doubles as a senior at the University of Washington, where she focuses on urban food systems and spends her free time at the UW Farm.

Parsing the new 'humane' food labels

What do the new "humane" labels really mean for things like pork and eggs? Depends on who's backing them.

Portland schools ditch nuggets, serve up local food

A subsidy of just 7 cents per lunch allowed some Portland schools to serve locally produced food. The kids loved it, and each dollar spent in Oregon created 84 cents in state economic activity.

New study weighs in on organic vs. conventional debate

Guess what? Organically grown strawberries are indeed healthier, tastier, and better for the soil than their conventional counterparts. Boo-yah!