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Harvard professor has it right: U.S. climate push requires intense grassroots support around ‘cap-and-dividend’ bill

Theda Skocpol hits the nail on the head: We need cap-and-dividend, a wonky-sounding policy that nonetheless gets regular people excited.

Jailhouse Rock: Activists Score Victory Over Police in Tar Sands Pipeline Fight

If you want to know just how determined activists are to stop the proposed tar sands oil pipeline from Canada to Texas, listen to this: Last Saturday morning, August 20th, more than 50 activists were …

Copenhagen climate crash

Hot planet to Obama: What’s your Plan B?

“Never again.” Those ought to be the words coming from the White House right now on global warming. Never again can we tolerate a year like 2009, where attempts to cap carbon pollution experience such …

Utilities and coal-state Democrats are wrecking our last chance on climate change

Utility companies and their coal-state apologists in Congress are wrecking America’s last, best chance to solve global warming. By insisting on free pollution permits, utilities are creating a climate bill that is complicated, unfair, and …

See you in jail: It's not symbolism when you live in D.C.

Why I'm joining 2,000 people for a global warming mass arrest on Monday

On Monday, I'm going to get arrested just two blocks from the U.S. Capitol building. I'll peacefully block the entrance to an energy plant that burns raw coal to partially power Congress. My motivation is …

Police spy on climate activist while global warming goes unarrested

Terrorist Activist Mike Tidwell (at podium) exhibiting clearly threatening behavior.   Photo: chesapeakeclimate   I’m not sure what’s more shocking: the news that the Maryland State Police wrongfully spied on me for months as a …

Yes, Virginia, there is a clean energy constituency

Will Democrats take the votes but ignore the voters in increasingly powerful Northern Virginia?

Northern Virginia voters solidified their reputation Nov. 4 as a virtual factory for Democratic victories. Collectively, the Virginia suburbs of D.C. broke for Obama in numbers exceeding 60 percent. The margin is comparable to such …

Can you spell c-o-a-l?

The dirty secret behind D.C.’s high-tech Virginia suburbs

There’s a chance the presidential election will come down to who wins the state of Virginia. And the key to winning Virginia comes down to who does well in the D.C. suburbs of northern Virginia. …

D.C.'s newest baseball team: The Washington Exxons

Protestors object to a green baseball stadium sponsored by the world’s dirtiest corporation

Imagine a Major League Baseball stadium constructed to actually fight lung disease. Imagine engineers eschewing asbestos in every form, using only materials approved by the American Lung Association. Imagine emergency inhalers at every seat, with …

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