Monica Potts

Monica Potts is associate editor for The American Prospect. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, the Connecticut Post, and the Stamford Advocate. She also blogs at PostBourgie.

  • GOP's tiny cuts wound small farmers

    A $2 million cut to the USDA’s budget by the GOP-controlled House makes little difference to the nation’s bottom line. But it brings big hurt to small farmers by undercutting efforts to reform the meatpacking industry.

  • The USDA’s top bee scientist talks pesticides and colony collapse at a D.C. luncheon

    Buzz kill: honey bees face a variety of threats from industrial agriculture.Photo: Muhammad Mahdi KarimThere was a moment during a luncheon talk yesterday when Jeffrey Pettis, the United States Department of Agriculture’s lead bee researcher, almost defended Bayer, the agrichemical …