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Climate change could give you brain fungus [VIDEO]

When Trudy Rosler first got sick after a visit to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, doctors were stumped. Eventually, they discovered that she had a fungus growing in her brain stem -- one that was previously only known to exist in the tropics. Researchers say that subtle changes in climate over the last 40 years may be the reason it’s infecting people much farther north. Here in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is already treating climate change as a serious health threat. Need to Know's medical correspondent Emily Senay examines how a warming climate is already …


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Futurist Ray Kurzweil isn’t worried about climate change

Ray Kurzweil.Photo: JD LasicaBy Lauren Feeney Author, inventor, and futurist Ray Kurzweil famously and accurately predicted that a computer would beat a man at chess by 1998, that technologies that help spread information would accelerate the collapse of the Soviet Union, and that a worldwide communications network would emerge in the mid 1990s (i.e. the internet). Most of Kurzweil's prognostications are derived from his law of accelerating returns -- the idea that information technologies progress exponentially, in part because each iteration is used to help build the next, better, faster, cheaper one. In the case of computers, this is not …


let's build an ark

What does the Bible have to say about climate change? [AUDIO]

By Erin Chapman, Lauren Feeney, Sal Gentile, and Win Rosenfeld With the collapse of last year's international climate talks in Copenhagen and the resurgence of the Republican Party here in the United States, many observers have begun to doubt whether the world will ever be able to agree on a framework to fight global climate change. Believing that progress is possible, they say, may take a leap of faith. And that's exactly what some religious groups are offering. With the holidays around the corner, The Climate Desk Podcast decided to take a closer look at the emerging environmental movement among …

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