Philip Bump

Philip Bump wrote about the news for Gristmill. He now writes for The Atlantic Wire.

How the environmental movement can save the environment

What environmentalists are doing isn't working and isn't enough. So what would be?

Pipeline companies will get a $7 billion tax break through 2016

Sequestration? What's that?

Environmental, conservative, media organizations rank our lovable Congress

Turns out the House kind of sucked? We're looking into this.

Louisiana may see the highest-rising seas in the world

Meaning that New Orleans is already well into a race for survival.

Ernest Moniz

Meet Ernest Moniz, who may or may not be the next secretary of energy

Reaction from environmentalists has been mixed, to put it lightly.


Oil company executive swears at analyst, tries to get recording off the internet

So, here it is!

We are learning mosquitoes are basically invincible

We share this news during the winter in order to prevent a panic.

America thinks we need to fix the climate — after we deal with the deficit

A new Pew poll shows ongoing support for developing renewables and regulating carbon dioxide -- and an ongoing lack of urgency.

Head of American Petroleum Institute doesn’t see a need to regulate carbon anymore

And if you can't trust Jack Gerard on this issue, who can you trust?