Richard Manning

Richard Manning is a contributor to Writers on the Range, a service of High Country News, based in Paonia, Colo. He lives in Missoula, Mont., and is the author of One Round River.

Old McDonald Had a Fish

Do you know where your salmon comes from?

Thirty percent of the world's salmon now come from hatcheries, but wild fish account for only another twenty to thirty percent. Almost all of those wild fish come from waters around Alaska and British Columbia, northern waters where runs are mostly intact. These are the waters from which we harvest volumes comparable to those native people caught for thousands of years, that is, in those places largely unmanaged. The biggest share of the world's salmon consumption, however -- now forty to fifty percent -- comes from farmed fish, salmon raised and fed artificially in net pens their entire lives.

The Intermountain West becomes a California suburb

One does not expect enlightenment from a barber shop conversation, but there it was. I’d always had hunches about the nature of demographic change in …