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Dakota Access

Trump supports finishing Dakota Access.

Standing Rock also saw a small victory in the form of a letter from Wells Fargo to tribal elders.

dakota access

After a failed police crackdown, North Dakota now plans to attack activists with fines.

But will North Dakota officials fine the "human shields" traveling to Standing Rock this weekend?

CC Anonymous

This nine-step program is like Alcoholics Anonymous for climate anxiety.

The first step in the program is admitting there's a problem.

Greening faith

For Muslim environmentalists, the fight just got a lot harder

Looking ahead to four years of Trump, Muslims double down to fight climate change and Islamophobia.

Dakota Access

Tim Kaine says a Dakota Access reroute would be “the right thing to do.”

Though far from robust, Kaine’s support marks one of the first times the Clinton camp has made any mention of Dakota Access.

Dakota Access

What’s going on with the Dakota Access Pipeline? Let us explain.

It's a mess.

malheuristic device

The Bundy bros are back at it.

The Oregon ranchers who occupied a federal wildlife refuge last winter say there may well be another standoff soon.

seal of approval

It’s a good day to be a seal, for once.

A recent court ruling is an unprecedented victory for conservationists and Arctic animals everywhere.

Mothers and earth

In Peru, this young activist is sparking a movement for climate justice

Majandra Rodriguez Acha found creative ways to unite her nation’s young climate activists.