Scott Rosenberg

Scott Rosenberg was Grist's executive editor. He's the author of Say Everything and Dreaming in Code, founder of and co-founder of He covered technology for a decade and wrote theater and film reviews for another decade, and has yet to resolve the resulting left-brain/right-brain conflict.

So long, and thanks for all the tree lobsters

So much has changed in two and a half years! Also, so much has stayed exactly the same! Some thoughts from a departing editor.

Round up the usual suspicious studies (but don’t link to them)

We picked some bad science to support our post on new findings about herbicide contamination of the atmosphere in the Mississippi Delta. Here's the scoop.

Grist on tablets: Now 100 percent shinier!

We're pleased to introduce a brand-new Grist-for-tablet design that you'll see every time you load our site up on your iPad or Android tablet.

Only one day left to support Grist

Our winter fundraising drive is nearly over. Please support our talented pool of writers and editors with a gift today.

Grist’s looking for a few good fellows

Come work, write, and learn with us in Seattle for six months. Applications are open now.

$1,000 question: Did the population bomb ever explode?

Paul Sabin's new book "The Bet" recounts an archetypal conflict between Paul Ehrlich and Julian Simon. On the line: $1,000 and the future of the planet.

Get PIST with Grist

Mad about climate inaction? Ready to vent? Join People in Support of Tomorrow and make some noise on Twitter!

Geoengineering research: Never or now?

Maybe it's time to get serious about far-out planetary technofixes. Or maybe we'd just screw things up even more royally.

Heat of the moment: Welcome to Grist’s May theme

We're all getting warmer. This month, Grist will look at how and why, where and what now.