Stephen Lacey

Stephen Lacey is a reporter with Climate Progress covering clean energy issues. He formerly worked as a producer/editor at

Keystone-pipeline protestors link their movement to Occupy Wall Street

In keeping with the Occupy Wall Street movement, activists in Washington, D.C., on Friday protested the Keystone XL pipeline outside the State Department.

Climate activism stands with Occupy Wall Street Movement

Riding on the momentum created by the Keystone XL pipeline protests, climate movement leaders are getting involved in the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Solyndra witch hunt halts world's largest residential solar project

The push to make government clean energy investments look bad after the Solyndra bankruptcy is hindering major job-creating solar projects development

Colbert: 'I know global warming is real, folks'

When everyone's favorite fake Tea Partier acknowledges the reality of climate change, maybe we're getting somewhere.

The myth of the free market

The oil, gas, and nuclear industries have enjoyed huge federal subsidies for a century, all of which have far outpaced investment in renewable energy.

EIA predicts a grim future for carbon emissions

The Energy Information Administration predicts a 40 percent rise in global carbon dioxide emissions over the next 20-plus years.

Kind of a big deal: $1.6 billion coming for energy efficiency projects

Pension funds and big businesses plan to sink money into energy-retrofit programs, which create jobs and present an excellent climate solution.

Over 100,000 Americans work in solar industry

The GOP makes no effort to hide its opposition to clean energy. But the solar industry far outpaces the growth rate of the overall U.S. economy.

Obama proposes cutting oil and gas subsidies to fund jobs plan

The idea may see fierce debate in Congress -- but a majority of Americans support repealing tax breaks for fossil-fuel companies.