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China is totally crushing the U.S. on renewable energy

According to new data, China's clean energy investment over the last year outpaced that of the U.S., the U.K., and France combined.

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Good news: Big companies are using a record amount of clean energy

Companies like Walmart and General Motors are starting to defect from the fossil fuel-powered electric grid.

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Watch Jeff Goldblum explain the Clean Power Plan in a Funny or Die video

Here’s a spoof about what goes on behind polluters’ closed doors.

The Paris climate talks: Yes oui can!

Obama’s top environmental official on the Paris attacks, climate change, and national security

Two weeks before the Paris climate talks, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy says the U.S. is serious about taking action.

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4 charts show what’s ahead for renewable energy

With the Paris climate talks around the corner, the future of clean energy looks promising.

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Hillary Clinton introduces plan to help coal communities as Big Coal declines

The plan focuses on rebuilding infrastructure to create new jobs and replace those lost in the coal industry.

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The Mojave Desert might be the next clean energy gold mine

A new plan released by the Interior Department opens up half a million acres for renewable energy development in Southern California.

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Huge coal company misled investors on climate change risk, according to investigation

Peabody Energy violated "New York laws prohibiting false or misleading claims," the state's attorney general found.


Angry tweets from Republican leaders on the Keystone XL decision

Paul Ryan called the president's rejection of the pipeline "sickening."